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The Boston Pearl Foundation, Incorporated was established in August 2005 by the members of the Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. as a vehicle to expand the scope of scholarly assistance and community enrichment available in the Boston area. This organization has enjoyed a rich history of service to the Boston area for over 80 years. 


One mission of the Foundation is to advance and support education by providing underserved students with the financial assistance needed to attend college. Specifically, the focus of the Foundation is to further the education of young Black women who enroll as freshmen in a four-year college or university.


The second purpose of the Foundation is to support charitable community programming in the greater Boston area. This shall be done by supporting programs that provide services to improve the health and social livelihood of all persons in the community (particularly communities of color) and to educate the public on issues that impact the same.

Though their presence and civic action has touched many lives, it was recognized that the time has come to set a course for perpetual provision of program and service to the African-American communities of Boston and the surrounding areas.

With a strong focus on providing scholarships for deserving students, the Boston Pearl Foundation seeks funding opportunities and direct contributions to higher education a reality for as many students as possible. Additionally, the BPF will distribute monies to sponsor or supplement quality charitable programming that addresses contemporary needs on the local level.

Donations are greatly appreciated.
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